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    Cars in Salt Lake City

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Cheap cars in Salt Lake City

Why rent a car in Salt Lake City?
The great outdoors beckons in Salt Lake City. The compact downtown is home to the headquarters and sights of the Mormon Church (aka Latter Day Saints or LDS). But mountains surround the city, so you can reach trails and slopes in less than 45 minutes – if you have wheels. 

Where to go in Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City’s heritage takes center stage in town. On foot you can tour the gleaming white Temple Square, peruse church museums and listen to the Tabernacle Choir, all set within beautifully manicured LDS grounds. Afterwards, dine at one of the city’s surprisingly multicultural mix of restaurants. Drivable highlights include the Natural History Museum of Utah, which explores the city’s prehistory, plus historic village museums that preserve its pioneer past. Outdoor pursuits – hiking, biking, skiing – await in the Wasatch Range, just 30 miles east of town, and over the mountain is world-renowned ski (and movie festival) destination, Park City. 

Getting Around Salt Lake City
Fastidious planners laid out the town to allow four-horse carriages to turn around. Streets are extra wide and arranged on a strict north-south, east-west grid system emanating from a zero point – the intersection of South Temple and Main streets. From there, addresses increase by 100 every block. Sounds confusing at first, but you’ll get the hang of finding 300 E 1200 South in no time. 

Salt Lake City car rental locations
All the major rental agencies can be found at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), as well as at locations around town. Wherever you pick up your car, you’ll get a great deal on your Salt Lake City car rental from Hotwire.