Luxury Vacation Packages

Luxury Vacation Packages

Let Hotwire help you plan your discount luxury vacation. A luxury all-inclusive vacation is a wonderful escape. Leave your routine, put your everyday life on hold, and treat yourself royally! Enjoy the plush accommodations of a luxury hotel in New York. Relish the splendor of a luxury cruise ship. Relax in the posh environs of a five-star resort in Las Vegas. Maybe you're planning your honeymoon. Maybe you're ready for the vacation of a lifetime. 

Maybe you simply need to get away for a while. Hotwire can help you find a destination where you can afford to be decadent, extravagant, and self-indulgent. You don't always have to pay top dollar for the highest quality. There is such a thing as affordable luxury and it's at your fingertips when you use Hotwire to book your luxury vacation. We have the best up-to-the-minute deals on airfare, luxury car rentals, and luxury hotels. So add another dimension to your vacation: go luxury!

Featured Cancun Luxury Resorts for Honeymoons

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What makes the perfect location for a honeymoon depends your style. Your honeymoon is one trip you want to be truly special, memorable and, most likely, luxurious. And you deserve a bit of luxury after all the craziness of planning and executing the wedding. Nothing kindles romance like being free to relax into elegant surroundings, indulge your passions, and feel as though you're being pampered — perhaps even being waited on, hand and foot! 

This is the one time when you can be king and queen. Enjoy an unforgettable, sumptuous holiday together as newlyweds. Use Hotwire to book the trip that provides you with the biggest luxury of all: being alone with the one you love. And if it happens that your wedding day is scheduled during an off-peak travel season, lucky for you — you'll get low-season travel rates for your honeymoon!

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Featured Paris Luxury Hotels

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Off-Season Travel

Enjoy the benefits of off-season travel with lower rates on airfare, hotels, and car rentals, and fewer fellow travelers. During peak season, it can be difficult to see the site for the tourists. Often the best time to visit a place is during the low-season for traveling. There will be different considerations for what to pack and activities while visiting, so you'll need to think ahead and plan accordingly. Off-season depends on your destination and it's usually the climate that determines high and low seasons. 

For example, Europe in wintertime doesn't appeal to many travelers and sightseers. But it's a wonderful way to get a feel for the locale and experience what life is like for the local citizens. The great cities of Europe — Paris, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona — are beautiful and vibrant during the winter months. In Hawaii, the month of May is considered off season because most people visit Hawaii to escape cold weather where they live. So why not visit Hawaii when the weather is still fabulous but the crowds are much smaller? A delightful bonus is that airlines and hotels offer significant discounts to attract travelers during less popular travel seasons. So take advantage of off-season travel rates. Find the best time of year to visit your destination and make your plans today. Hotwire can help you find the deepest discounts available.

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Featured Alaska Hotels

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Luxury Cruises

"Cheap luxury cruise" might sound like an oxymoron but it isn't — not with the deals you can find on Hotwire. Get on board your own moving island and take a luxury cruise on the high seas. Cruise the seas of the Mediterranean, South Pacific, or the Caribbean. Sail the waters off the coasts of Africa or Asia. Take an adventurous cruise to Alaska or Antarctica. Nothing compares to traveling on a luxury cruise ship. Consider the elegance of the whole affair: the magnificence of the ship itself, the incredible attention to detail, and the exotic ports you'll explore add up to an adventure you won't soon forget. 

It's an experience everyone should have at some point in their lives. Because the luxury cruise price is often all-inclusive, the overall cost can actually turn out to be less than that of a premium cruise. You don't have to pay extra for drinks and activities (all of those individual charges can quickly add up) - it's all paid for in advance and you can simply participate as you want without having to dole out money for every little thing. So, when all is said and done, a luxury cruise might be the more affordable choice. Might, in fact, be a cheap luxury cruise.

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