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Van Rentals

If your whole team is invited on the next vacay or game day, the only way to go is a van rental. You’ll have room for the crew, their gear, and still have leg room for miles. Picked up a couple of extra players along the way? With passenger seating up to 12, you’ve got a place for even the benchwarmers. With all this extra room, van life really lets those players play on. So, toss all the stuff you need in the back, stretch out, get comfy, and get ready for an easy ride in your passenger van rental.

Be a Fan of the Van

Why slide into the drivers’ seat of a van rental for your next trip? Because when comfort and size matter for how you’re getting around, vans are the way to go. Whether it’s for a long haul, a quick cruise to the airport with the entire fam (and their mountain of luggage), or just to move a couch across town, passenger van rentals give you all the space you need plus more. So, if you like to roll deep on your getaways, you can keep that invite list long. Even the I-have-to-bring-everything-in-my-closet packers can come along. When space is no object, everyone can RSVP “yes” to that last-minute vacay.

Cheap Van Rentals for Any Trip

Just because you’re doing it up big with your passenger list doesn’t mean you want to blow your budget on an oversized joyride mobile. You may have even been eyeing an Enterprise van rental, but you could get way more bang for your buck on your big ol’ van rental by reserving a Hotwire Hot Rate car deal. You could save up to 50% on brand-name van rentals and be confident in knowing that you’ve got some just-your-size wheels in your future. When you book your passenger van rental, you could end up driving around with options like a Ford Transit or Chevrolet Express. You won’t get the exact make and model until after you’ve reserved your van, but you’re just a few clicks from hitting the road in your spacious rental ride for a supersized adventure.