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Compact Car Rentals

As you may have heard, good things come in small(er) packages—especially when it comes to your compact car rental. If you’re looking to travel light on your last-minute getaway, these easy breezy rides are the perfect solution to your “let’s just hit the road” needs. Whether you’re on a solo journey or just don’t need the extra space for a caravan filled with an extended crew, compact car rentals are the right-sized way to travel at your own speed. Or if you’re doing city sightseeing and need to parallel park without the stress.

Economy vs Compact Car Rental

If you’re eyeballing both economy and compact car rentals for your next road trip, it’s important to know what you’ll be getting. For the most part, it all comes down to size. While neither category of cars is huge, economy cars tend to be the smaller of the two. Many economy cars are two-door models, while most compact car rentals have four. You’ll also find more trunk space in compact car rentals, so if you’re a bring-a-bag-just-for-shoes kind of traveler, you’ll need that roominess. Same goes if you like to travel with a group—everyone can stretch their legs just a little more in compact cars, especially if you opt for a compact SUV rental.

Really Nice for an Unbelievable Price

Ready to just get on with your last-minute getaway without blowing a bunch of cash? When you book a Hotwire Hot Rate deal to score your compact rental car, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a great ride and saving a bunch of money. Keep your coins for your road trip snack fund, because you’ll save up to 50% on the best brand-name compact car rentals when you reserve your wheels with a Hot Rate deal. While you won’t know exactly which car you’re getting until after you’ve booked, options for your compact car rental could include a Nissan Versa for sedan lovers or a Ford Eco Sport for those who need the extra leg room for their road trips. Or to carry the extra snacks. It’s up to you.