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Trippin’ with an SUV Rental

Whether you like to roll deep with a gaggle of friends on your travels or just require legroom for days, sometimes only a full-size SUV rental will do for you. And if you wan to score some cool points with a side of horsepower, renting an SUV for a quick getaway is your path to vacay success. Always need more trunk space? An SUV rental ensures you’ll have plenty of space for your “what if I have to change clothes five times a day” bags in a perfectly sleek package.

More Utility, More Vehicle

What’s great about choosing an SUV rental for your trip? If you’re planning on choosing your own adventure, an SUV can get you there with plenty of space to spare. Outdoorsy feats? Check. Road trips loaded with taking in sights from your way-up-there seats? Absolutely. The option to get premium and fancy? Sure, ball out. A getaway with the extended squad? A full-size SUV rental can hold up to eight without having to get overly cozy. Plus, that generous gas tank will outlast even the road-worthy playlist you spent hours crafting to perfection, so you can keep your eye on the prize—all the fun stuff you planned.

Save Big Time with Cheap SUV Rentals

That fun stuff often costs a little cash, so you’ll want to save where you can. Start by getting way more bang for your buck with cheap SUV rentals. No need to scrape the bottom of the barrel with your vacation ride when you score a Hotwire Hot Rate car deal. You could save up to 50% on brand-name SUV rentals, so you’ll not only have a top-notch rental to luxuriate in, you’ll also keep your fun money to let the good times keep rolling. When you book a Hotwire Hot Rate car deal, you won’t know the exact make and model of SUV you’re getting until after you’re all reserved, but options can include Jeep Grand Cherokees to Chevy Tahoes. So if you’re thinking of packing that sixth pair of “maybe” pants, throw it in the bag. You’ll have room.