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Standard Car Rentals

You’re getting ready for a road trip with your standard crew. Your pack of travel buddies, the fam—whomever you like to hit the highway with. While any ol’ ride won’t do for this group, you know what will? A standard car rental. These comfy-mobiles have plenty of room for up to five, plus their baggage, too. So, when your next last-minute getaway is calling, you know how to answer: With a large sedan that can fit up to five and boasts plenty of trunk space. The trusty, comfortable, reliable (and often chic and sleek) standard rental car.

What is a standard car rental?

If you aren’t exactly sure what you’re getting with a standard car rental, here’s the deal. You can expect to slide behind the wheel of a spacious four-door that’s not quite as roomy as a full-size car rental, but where you’ll find more legroom and cargo space than in a mid-size car rental. Standard car rentals are perfectly sized for small family road trips, where everyone has their own luggage and needs a little more room to breathe. So, hopefully there will be no “He’s touching my side of the seat!!” exclamations from the peanut gallery in the back. (No guarantees on the “He’s looking at me!!” complaints, though.)

Standard Car Rentals for Below Standard Prices

If you’re ready to book your standard car rental and hit the open road, you might as well save some major bucks while you’re at it. When you reserve a Hotwire Hot Rate car deal, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a perfectly sized vehicle for your trip, while paying way less than you expected. You’ll save up to 50% on the best brand-name standard car rentals when you reserve your ride with a Hot Rate deal, leaving you plenty of cash in your budget to negotiate peace treaties with the backseat. And while you won’t know the specific make and model of car you’ll be getting until you book, standard car rental types include the Volkswagen Jetta, Kia Soul, and Chevrolet Cruze. Now just hope that a “no fighting zone” comes standard in the backseat of your standard car rental.