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Full-Size Car Rental

Are you looking for the perfect size when it comes to your car rental? You don’t want to hop on a giant bus of a vehicle, but you want plenty of space for your buds and your stuff, so a tiny compact is out. A full-size car rental sounds like your fit. For times when you need to room to breathe (and hold your gotta-have-it luggage), these right-size cars will check all your last-minute getaway boxes.

Full Size for Whatever May Arise

Picking a full-size car rental is often a no-brainer when it comes to most trips because it offers so much versatility. Need just a bit more space? Keep it to a full-size car. Need more than a bit? Enter the full-size SUV rental. Need way more? A full-size van rental will fit the bill and beyond. So, no matter who (or how many) are along for the ride on this journey, your full-size car rental has the room you need. What else can you expect from your perfectly sized rental? Four doors are standard here, and you may find more upgrades like high-end audio systems, leather seats, and more luxe finishes. See? All the boxes—checked.

Save a Ton on Your Full-Size Car Rental

One of the most important boxes to check is getting your full-size car rental for a steal. And while you may have been looking at a full-size car at Enterprise or other rental car companies, you could really save a bundle by booking a Hotwire Hot Rate car deal. And not pennies, either. You could save up to 50% on brand-name full-size car rentals, leaving you with extra cash to spend on fun trip times, while still getting that roomy ride you want for your getaway. And while you won’t know the exact make and model you’re getting until you reserve your Hotwire Hot Rate full-size car rental, options include a Ford Fusion, Chevy Malibu, or even a Nissan Pathfinder or Chevy Tahoe if you’re going the full-size SUV rental route. The only box left unchecked? The “worrying about how to fit that last suitcase in the car” one.