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Premium Car Rentals

Sometimes, you just need a little more. A step up from the rest of the pack so you can hit the gas on a good time. Whether you’re going on an important business trip and want to put your best professional foot forward, or you’re hopping behind the wheel for a quick getaway and want a nudge in the fancy-pants direction, a premium car rental will check all your boxes. No matter the reason you want to indulge in a premium car rental, Hotwire Hot Rates will get you stylishly on the road in no time, and for way less cash.

What is considered a premium car rental?

You may be familiar with the premium car rental’s even more high-end sibling, the luxury car rental, but they tend to have a lot in common. Premium car rentals go beyond basic, providing plenty of interior room (especially if you reserve a premium SUV rental), trunk space (talking to you, over-packers), luxury finishes and features, a sleek look, and great fuel economy. So you can show up to that important meeting (or the boutique hotel where you’ll be hanging at on your last-minute vacay) in style and comfort. Did you just come from Paris Fashion Week or are you on your way to somewhere even more haute couture? No one knows. You’re so mysterious in your premium car rental.

Get Premium for Basic Prices

You’re ready to get next level with a premium car rental, but you don’t want to spend your savings on your ride. That’s where Hotwire Hot Rate car deals come in. It’ll look like you spent a ton on your chic-mobile, but you’ll be shocked by how much you’ll actually save. You could save up to 50% on the best brand-name premium car rentals, get all the goodies you want, and still have a stack of cash to spend on the rest of your trip. Sushi tab? On you. You won’t find out the exact make and model of your premium car rental until after you’ve reserved your Hotwire Hot Rate deal, but options could include the perfectly sized Buick Regal and Chevy Impala to the wow-look-at-all-this-space Chevrolet Suburban. Now go pick your perfect pair of shades to perfect your mysterious look.