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Midsize Car Rentals

When a last-minute getaway is on your mind, but you don’t know where the journey will take you, there’s one perfect way to get prepped—a midsize car rental. Sure, you may like to keep your planning loosey-goosey when it comes to taking trips, but if you don’t know what’s in the cards, make sure your bases are covered by picking a midsize car rental that is just the right size. You’ll have room for a couple of bags, a couple of folks, and whatever else may come up along the way.

What is a midsize car rental?

When you’re scoping out what kind of rental car is the best for your vacation, you’ll find a lot of options. So, really, what is considered a midsize car rental? Whether it’s a midsize SUV rental or a sedan, you can expect to fit a crew of five passengers and a decent amount of luggage in the cargo area. Midsize car rentals are a size up from a compact car, so you’ll have a little more breathing room on a long road trip. No matter where you decide to add as the destination on your map app, these cars should give you plenty of space for your stuff and leg room to keep you comfy.

Midsize Rides for Small Prices

Ready to hit the road for a “wherever the wind blows me” kinda trip, but don’t want to spend big bucks? A Hotwire Hot Rate car deal is the perfect solution. You can score a roomy, comfy sedan or midsize SUV rental for way less than you expected. You could save up to 50% on the best brand-name midsize car rentals, giving you plenty of space for the road trip of your life, all while keeping your cash for the mysterious fun along the way. While you won’t find out the exact make and model of your midsize car rental until after you’ve booked your Hotwire Hot Rate deal, you can expect options like a Mazda 3 or Toyota Corolla to be on the table. See, mysteries are fun. Now, where’s that getaway taking you?