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Looking for a way to change up your daily routine? Well then, throw some outfits together and get out of town, or at least out of your home. As intoxicating as it is to check out a new city and find as many underground spots as you can, sometimes you wish for a dash of the familiar to come back to after all the excitement. Choosing Marriott Hotels & Resorts in Grand Canyon provides the comfort of knowing you'll return to a clean room, excellent accommodations, and friendly service to make you feel at home. Sure, you'll have fun getting out and about in Grand Canyon, but it will be nice to have a comfy spot to relax in when you come home for the night.

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You want to be in the cool part of town, and that's exactly where you can find Marriott hotels. Aside from unbeatable locations, Marriott also boasts high standards of cleanliness, extended stay options (in case you want to spend some extra time exploring Grand Canyon), and tasty breakfasts to power you through a fun day of exploring. Once the friendly staff at Marriott Hotels & Resorts welcomes you, you'll know you booked the right room in Grand Canyon.

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