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Cheap cars in Seattle

Why rent a car in Seattle?
Seattle is known for traffic jams, bad drivers and difficult parking, but downtown is so compact and the public transportation so convenient that driving isn’t necessary. But if you’re not staying in city center or want to take day trips beyond town, renting a car is the best option.

Where to go in Seattle
Downtown Seattle is best enjoyed on foot or by public transportation, but a car is an asset for visiting neighborhoods north of the center, West Seattle and anywhere else slightly out of town. The best reason for renting a car? All the fantastic nearby day-trip destinations like Bainbridge Island, Whidbey Island, La Conner and Mount Rainier. Just be sure to avoid I-5 during the peak commute hours of 3:30pm and 7pm!

Getting around Seattle
One-way streets, hills, often-rainy conditions (which makes traffic even worse) and lots of cyclists are just a few of the challenges Seattle drivers face. There are only two freeways that run through town (I-5 and SR-99) and they’re often gridlocked. Inexpensive, paid street parking can be relatively easy to find a short distance from downtown, but most spaces have a two-hour limit. Garages are a less stressful option and some start at $3 per hour.

Seattle car rental locations
All the major rental agencies can be found at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), as well as at locations around town. Wherever you pick up your car, you’ll get a great deal on your Seattle car rental from Hotwire.