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    Cars in Kansas City

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Cheap cars in Kansas City

Why rent a car in Kansas City?
Barbecue sizzles and jazz bops in cooler-than-you-think Kansas City. Intriguing museums and festive neighborhoods add to the good times. Everything is far flung, and renting a car is the most efficient way to get from place to place (or barbecue joint to barbecue joint, as the case may be).

Where to go in Kansas City
Brake for the National WWI Museum and its poignant trove of old newsreels and soldiers' objects. Nearby is the Crossroads, a quarter where some 60 art galleries cluster. A short drive east, the American Jazz Museum shows off homeboy Charlie Parker's sax, and clubs in the surrounding Jazz District swing into the wee hours. To the south, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art packs in everything from Caravaggio paintings to Claes Oldenburg's jumbo shuttlecocks. Admire the ornate Andalusian architecture of Country Club Plaza, a luxury mall designed to look like Seville, Spain – complete with a replica of the Giralda Tower. The cute town of Independence, chock full of Harry S. Truman sights and ice cream shops, lies 11 miles east.

Getting around Kansas City
KC's roads are laid out on a grid, with east-west streets numbered for easy reference (the numbers go up as you move south). Parking is no problem, thanks to cheap garages and metered street spaces galore. Traffic jams are rare. Right hand turns on red are allowed unless there’s a sign stating otherwise.

Kansas City car rental locations
All the major rental agencies can be found at Kansas City International Airport (MCI), as well as at locations around town. Wherever you pick up your car, you’ll get a great deal on your Kansas City car rental from Hotwire.