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Cheap cars in Louisville

Why rent a car in Louisville?
Louisville gets its groove on with southern style. Tattooed rockers and Gatsby look-alikes, feathery biscuits and duck-fat gravy, crafty flea markets and singular museums mix in the handsome city. A car is a must for exploring the area, especially the horse farms and bourbon distilleries in the rippling green countryside.

Where to go in Louisville
In the city, the Louisville Slugger Museum wows baseball fans, the Muhammad Ali Center delves deep into civil rights and Churchill Downs hosts thundering horse races and eye-popping hats. Old Louisville charms with Victorian manors and lamp-lit streets, while the Highlands lures with funky cafes and thrift stores. NuLu is the reigning “it” 'hood, the place to go for Ping-Pong and wood-fired pizzas in a repurposed garage. Leave the city behind, and you’ll soon see long-legged stallions flash behind pristine white fences. Distilleries like Maker's Mark and Stitzel-Weller (Bulleit) hide in the hills and offer tours of their burbling vats.

Getting around Louisville
Traffic flows well except around downtown and the waterfront area, where perpetual work on the bridges over the Ohio River slows things down. Reasonably priced meters and garages make for hassle-free parking. Roundabouts are starting to crop up, adding a bit of quirk to the otherwise grid-like layout. Local drivers are mellow and honk the horn only if there's real danger looming.

Louisville car rental locations
All the major rental agencies can be found at Louisville International Airport (SDF), as well as at locations around town. Wherever you pick up your car, you’ll get a great deal on your Louisville car rental from Hotwire.

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